Social Responsibility in times of Covid-19

Social Responsibility in times of Covid-19

The K&B Family Office Social Responsibility Committee felt the necessity to support families in need during these difficult times. Donations were collected between partners and collaborators, to make this plan a reality.

Instead of sending a sum of money or some groceries to a foundation, we decided to look for specific cases or referrals who were going through a difficult time due to the closure of so many industries.

At the moment we have 20 referred families. We speak with each of them to listen to their needs and provide the necessary help. Here are some of the cases:

  1. A family with a disabled child. This family requires bags of food, Pediasure milk (it is the only thing the child can eat), gloves, size 5 diapers and gastro feeding bags.
  2. A pregnant girl with a little baby girl. We collected clothes, a playpen and other things for the baby. We will be delivering bags of food, diapers and other supplies for the baby.
  3. We have the case of some foreigners who live in El Chorrillo who have a newborn and are unemployed. We will bring them bags of food and diapers for the baby.
  4. A single mother with two children in Chorrera who had to take the children out of school because they couldn’t afford it. We will be sending them bags of food.
  5. An entirely unemployed family with a 4-year-old child. We will support them with bags of food.
  6. We have a family who are recovered COVID patients in Cerro Viento. They need food and cleaning supplies.
  7. A family in Nuevo Tocumen who is out of food. In the past 5 months they have had to give up on breakfast. We will bring them bags of food.
  8. In Nuevo Tocumen there is a family that currently has COVID and they need cleaning supplies, alcohol, masks and food.
  9. The janitor of a building who is suspended from his job and is the sole sustenance of his household. We will sending them bags of food.
  10. The neighbor of one of our collaborators. They have a two-year-old child, the father is unemployed and the wife is on a reduced salary, they need help with milk and diapers, we will also be bringing them bags of food.

At the moment we will help a total of 20 families. Once the contributions are delivered to these families, we will see the possibility of helping more families. All these cases have been referred, we will not go to a specific community or give donations to third parties.

The bags will include the basics: rice, oil, salt, sugar, lentils, beans, tulip, tuna, pasta and tomato sauce, seasoning, flour, macaroni, canned milk, milk carton, instant soups, pork and beans, oats , bath soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, toilet paper. Additionally, juices, compotes, cornflakes and diapers will be delivered to those with children in the home.

We are aware that our help will not solve all the problems of each of these families, however, we are sure that these donations will bring them some peace of mind for the next few days.

Without a doubt, this crisis affects us all, but there are few of us who can rest easy when it comes to the basic well-being of our families. If you can help someone, now is the time, Panama needs us.


Bárbara Gómez

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