7 benefits of the Virtual Tour to successfully sell your property

7 benefits of the Virtual Tour to successfully sell your property

Among all the tools available to sell a property successfully, at the best price and in the shortest time possible, the virtual tour or 360 virtual tour is the one that offers the most benefits. Here is a summary of the 7 main benefits:

  • More visibility

Today 84% of buyers start looking for properties on the internet or social networks and studies show that the virtual tour receives 50% more visits and longer visits than other online advertisements.

  • Gain time

The virtual tour saves time in planning visits because it allows you to filter the only curious prospects of the really interested potential customers.


Check out the Virtual Tour of this property: Virtual Tour– Apartment in Playa Bonita, floor 16
  • 24 hours/ 7 días a weel

The virtual tour operates as a permanent “Open House” and allows you to show the property without waiting time or scheduling visits.

  • Instant sense of ownership

For a buyer or a couple, the virtual tour allows them to project themselves into their future home without the presence of an agent and in their own time, this, creates a sense of connection

Check out the Virtual Tour of this property: Virtual Tour – Art Deco, Casco Viejo
  • Digital interaction generates more interest and attention.

Virtual tours allow the buyer to explore a property and visit each space, at their own pace from a computer, an Ipad or a Smartphone, offering a total immersion experience.

  • Expand audience

Those who live far away or as international clients can get a very good idea of the property without having to travel to see it. It is very useful for elderly or disabled buyers who cannot move easily and very practical for a couple who do not always have the availability to visit a property together.

Check out the Virtual Tour of this property: Virtual Tour– Apartment in Playa Bonita, floor 10
  • Security

We know that the Covid-19 health situation has changed our behavior and generates many restrictions and concerns. More than ever, potential buyers want to visit properties with their family remotely, in the comfort and safety of their home.

Check out the Virtual Tour of this property:Virtual Tour – PH Jeronimo, Casco Viejo


When you decide to sell your property you will have to compete with hundreds of ads on various portals and social networks. The virtual tour is the key tool to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is not by chance that, in 2020, the NAR (National Association of Realtors) in the US, reports that the virtual tour strongly increases the chances of selling, allows to sell faster and that 40% of buyers classify virtual visits as very useful in their purchase decision. For this reason, K&B Real Estate makes this tool available to its clients. Take advantage and list with us to have a free virtual tour of your property.


Bárbara Gómez

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