Pedasí, a paradise to discover!

Pedasí, a paradise to discover!

In this blog, we decided to leave the big city to move to Pedasí.

Pedasí is located in the province of Los Santos and is one of the top tourist destinations among nationals and foreign tourists visiting Panama.

Located in the Azuero peninsula about five hours by car from Panama City, you will find yourself totally immersed in a wild nature with incredible beaches where you can practice surfing, being one of the best known, Playa Venao.

The offer of activities is very attractive, you can spend a beach day on the beautiful Iguana island with crystal clear waters, or watch turtles and whales since Pedasí is a refuge for wildlife.

The town of Pedasí with its beautiful colorful houses, has a very varied gastronomic offer, and at the same time, it combines with the Panamanian country style atmosphere.
To give you a more truthful testimony, we have interviewed Mr. Fredéric Lacoste, who once came to Pedasí and never left. In his words, we will discover what it means to live in one of the most beautiful corners of this country.If you are intrigued to get to know this area more closely, I highly recommend this interview.Enjoy!

  1. When did you arrive in Cañas and why did you decide to settle in this region?

Mr. Frederic Lacoste:

“My wife and I have lived for 4 years on a sailboat. We arrived in Panama sailing in 2006, with my pregnant wife of our twin sons Ben and Alex, who were born in Panama. In the course of our trips, on board the sailboat, I had met people who were able to buy land, ideally located around a natural port and who started small port service companies. I dreamed of doing the same. I studied the marine charts of Panama looking for this natural Port. I found several, located in the four corners of the country Portobelo, Bocas, Chame and on the Azuero peninsula. I went to investigate by land and sea. And it was by land that I reached Cañas de Tonosí, where I created Isla Cañas Marina, a concept of ecological Marina with boat hangars out of the water.

Also created Surf Dojo which is a Surf Camp and training center for extreme sports like surfing, Skate and BMX.

Photo by: Surf Dojo

And on the mountains of Cañas, I created Azur Panama, an ecological residential community. ”

Azur project architect : Ramiro Salceda
  1. From your point of view, what’s is the biggest attraction in the area?

Mr. Frederic Lacoste:

“Definitely the nature and its people. To get to the Pedasí district, you have to go through Las Tablas and from there something magical happens.

The flat lands are transformed into hills and mountains, the sugar canes that covered the view disappear to be replaced by cows and horses. In the villages the houses are plastered and painted, the gardens well-kept with flowers and fruit trees, no more garbage is seen on the edges of the street. People are well dressed, and instead of caps they wear the real Panamanian hat.

It is a community of cowboys and farmers who work hard and are honest.

Pedasí is a very beautiful small town, with a young and very dynamic mayor, Miguel Batista. The iguana island is a pearl and it is a beauty. Then the mountains get bigger, you go up and down, the landscapes are magnificent. The coast is a succession of small beaches separated by rock points, which in turn form Point break and beach break beaches and bays.

Until we reach Playa Venao, an internationally recognized surf beach, with its hotels, all with very different concepts and personalities. In my opinion, in all of Panama, Playa Venao became the friendliest beach community.

Finally, when you climb the La Sahina mountain, the view of the Cañas valley and the Isla Cañas National Park opens up for you. Going down the Sahina you will be in front of one of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen, a paradise, you can see the sea, the estuary and the mountains, an incredible nature.

Photo by: Surf Dojo

There are two seasons in the Azuero peninsula, the dry season and the rainy season. In the dry the season is sunny and there is some wind. Luckily during the rainy season in the Azuero peninsula, it rains less than in the rest of the country, but still in September, October and November it can rain a lot. It is my favorite season, everything is very green, there are many fruits and many animals.

In the region you can practice a wide variety of sports, such as mountain biking, surfing, water skiing, fishing, kayaking and paddle board. To get to the province it takes an hour on plane to Pedasi or 4 and a half hours by car.

Photo by: Surf Dojo

Today the hotels and houses that are rented will all be booked in season and on weekends with local and international tourism. There are a wide variety of opportunities to create businesses, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, diving fishing camps, tour companies. Many people also came and created small companies that produce and sell cheese, vegetables, and souvenir shops, etc. ”

  1. Is it easy to find everything you need, schools, health, banks, food …?

Mr. Frederic Lacoste:

“When I arrived in 2006 there was nothing and nowadays you can find everything between the supermarkets in Pedasí and Tonosí, there are agricultural products of very good quality, especially the pineapples, melons and mangoes. There is also good meat and fish. In terms of health, we have access to two health centers in less than half an hour. We also have Las Tablas Hospital an hour’s drive away. There are two small private schools, one school in Playa Venao and one elementary school in Cañas. ”

  1. What is the average price of a home or land in this region?

Mr. Frederic Lacoste:

“The prices of the land vary a lot, the most expensive are in Playa Venao. From $ 60 and can go up to $ 300 per square meter in front of the sea. Around Playa Venao in Cañas or Ciruelo, less than 10 kilometers away, there are lots between $ 15 and $ 60 per square meter. It is difficult to find houses already built. But a cost can be estimated between $ 1000 and $ 1400 per square meter of construction.

In the Azur Panama project the price of a 100 square meter house ranges from $ 100,000 to $ 140,000 depending on the size of the land. The price of a 250-square-meter house is $ 250,000 and $ 300,000 again depending on the size of the lot. ”

Azur project architect : Ramiro Salceda
  1. How will you describe your life in the area?
Mr. Frederic Lacoste:

“I think I have a very healthy life style, I do a lot of sports, most of my days start with a surf session. I live in the middle of nature, in a community where we all know each other. And in my opinion it is a region full of business opportunities.
I love to see our community grow. ”

Photo by: Surf Dojo

Surf Dojo IG: @surfdojo

Surf Dogo website:

Azur website:


We hope that this interview has made you want to visit this beautiful and interesting region of Panama. To give you an idea of the properties that can be acquired in Pedasi and its sorroundings, we present you a perfect example, with this charming beach house, built according to the typical architectural style of the region.
This spectacular house counts with 5 bedrooms, a private pool, a view and direct access to the beach, among other things. It is located in Los Destiladeros Beach, just 14 minutes away from the center of Pedasí.

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